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My Life
How I see this world

Since 2003

Cinema for me is not only the most important of the arts, but also a way of knowing the world

Все видео

Since 2017

Once I realized that I can not just listen anymore, I want to hear.
From this began the history of the project
Last day on the Earth


Since 2015

From the very childhood I grew up surrounded by trees, at the Сountry house it was apple trees, under the window of a house in the city - poplars, in the village - mountain ash and pine. Each tree, like a person, has its own history, elegantly and unrepeatably. I wanted to prolong the life of trees, so I started making lamps UNDERWOOD

Пространсво Балкон | Культурный центр

Since 2014

At some point, it became unbearable for me to live only for myself, and there was an irresistible desire to share that,

I already know myself and what others know.

So there was a space BALCONY


Since 1981

So far I have visited only 21 countries in this world. The journey began in the womb of my mother. And since then I've been trying to discover all the new places, culture and mentality of people on the planet Earth


Начиная с 1981



Константин Ив | Кинооператор | Cinematographer

Konstantin Iv was born August 15, 1981 in St. Petersburg, Russia in the family of naval engineer and agronomist biologist. Since early childhood, he showed interest in fine arts and music, and in 1990 he entered the Art School No. 4 in St. Petersburg.

After school, deciding to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, went to the Admiralty and in 1999 was enrolled as a cadet in the Naval Engineering Institute (Dzerzhinka), but changed his mind and expelled in 3 years.

In 2003 thought hard about future and entered the St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television in the studio of cinematographers (Eduard Rozovsky ("Amphibian Man", "White Sun of the Desert") and Sergey Astakhov ("Metro", "War", " "Brother.") During his studies, he was expelled three times, which did not stop the university from graduating with and with honors. After graduation he worked at studios Lenfilm, Mosfilm, in pictures with Alexander Mitta, Alexey German Jr., Vladimir Khotinenko, Ivan Vyrypaev and others directors, and in 2013 the planted a beard and became the creative director of Mirror Space.

During the crisis and the cinema of stagnation in 2014 founded the Cultural Center BALKON, where he organized more than 100 different educational events, yoga courses, workshops, healthy lifestyles, atmospheric concerts and exhibitions of contemporary art.

In 2015 - marked the beginning of the UNDER WOOD BOUTIQUE brand and began to create designer handmade lamps.All this time accumulated impressions and in 2017 began work on the music project LAST DAY ON THE EARTH as a composer and musician.

Cinematographer Designer Composer



Be in touch
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Tel: +7 (950) 005 95 38